Everything You Need to Know About Lombok

Lombok Island is the highlight holiday destination of Indonesia’s Nusa Tenggara Province. The island is basically Bali’s next-door neighbour, and serves as a popular island-hopping extension for visitors looking for an additional escape in between or after their Bali visits. Besides being the mainland home of the three popular Gili Islands located just off its north-west coast, Lombok is also known for its colourful Sasak culture, great dive spots, scenic and secluded beaches, beautiful waterfalls and lush forests surrounding its active volcano, Mount Rinjani.

In short, a trip to Lombok promises an island paradise experience that combines overland adventures and rugged natural beauty, with a hint of exoticism through its well-preserved traditional arts and host of historical landmarks. These are complemented by modern accommodation and facilities to ensure you a pleasant stay. Honeymooners and backpackers love Lombok for its more passive island ambiance compared to Bali, and most who have visited admit finding Lombok how Bali must’ve been several decades earlier. Here’s all the tips and info to get you started.